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Since 2000 TNO has been active in EUV material interaction research, developing the 2nd generation EUV exposure and in-situ surface analysis facility – dubbed EBL2 – to accommodate the ASML power roadmap. This system will give customers the opportunity to evaluate their materials/components in terms of NXE-relevant EUV irradiation and environmental conditions in order to address contamination and lifetime challenges.

Within Dutch Optics Centre(DOC) of TNO, TU-Delft and other research institutions there are excellent research-facilities for to development of optomechotranical components for high-precision products like satellites, telescopes, microscopes and analyses. Because of the collaboration with companies in the Brainport area of Eindhoven. DOC wil op a annexe in Eindhoven on the 1th of March.

DEMCON Focal optomechatronic systems is the first DOC-partner that chooses for colocation. It will enable...